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Peer review process: After submitting a manuscript, authors will receive information about receipt of the manuscript. All submitted manuscripts for Acta Tecnología journal are sent out to the peer-review process. The peer-review process takes place in several rounds. In the first round, the manuscripts are reviewed by the journal's editor concerning the quality and focus of the manuscripts. In addition, manuscripts are checked for plagiarism. Manuscripts that are out of the aim and scope do not comply with the plagiarism check of the journal or are of an unacceptably low standard, and quality will be rejected directly without the second round peer review process. Each manuscript will be single-blind reviewed by at least two reviewers. The reviewers will fill out a review form and evaluate the submitted manuscripts. Reviewers will evaluate the following points:
  1. The manuscript is relevant for the Acta Tecnología journal.
  2. The manuscript is new, interesting, original and high quality.
  3. The manuscript is prepared clearly, logically and correctly.
  4. The language of the manuscript is clear and understandable.
  5. The manuscript's figures, diagrams, charts, and tables are readable, clear, and of high quality.
  6. References of the manuscript are used correctly.
The review process continues to notify authors if the manuscript is possible to accept without modification, accept after modification or reject. The review process ends with checking the final pdf article version and confirming the article for publication in the journal by the authors (if the editor and reviewers accepted the manuscript for publishing). The editor of the journal has the right to manage and, in certain circumstances, change the peer review process at his discretion. In case of non-compliance with the conditions defined by the journal, the publisher has the right to reject the manuscript or publish the manuscript in one of the publisher's journals.

ISSN 2453-675X
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